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Writing for a global readership

In 1996, Oracle Corporation asked us to develop a one-day workshop that would train their technical writers to write manuals in a style that would be as easy as possible for translators to work with. Their goals, and ours, quickly broadened to include writing for readers whose first language is not English -- but who need to read material directly in English, without translation. A customer support web site, for example, can be accessed by customers around the world; they need to be able to read and use information quickly and easily.

We have conducted our Writing Globally workshop more than 40 times across the United States and several times in the United Kingdom, for Oracle as well as other clients. We customize the training materials for each client, using content that they have published on the Web or in other corporate communications. We focus on linguistic aspects of written English that can distract, delay, or confuse your readers, dealing with potential problems in vocabulary, punctuation, and grammar.

We also offer specialized editing of your content.

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