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Editing services

We can review and adapt the content of your writing, making it easy for readers around the world to understand your message. We focus on achieving a clear, graceful style that appeals to all readers, regardless of language background. The resulting text is also easier for translators to handle. Clients for this service include Aerogen, Epocrates, Inocom (Medbridge), and Oracle.

We also offer editing and final-eye proofreading services for corporate publications such as newsletters and annual reports.

Specializing in the life sciences, we have extensive experience in revising manuscripts to be submitted for publication in research journals. We have edited papers for researchers in the U.S. at Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, the Cleveland Clinic, and the University of Kansas Medical Center. In Japan, our clients include researchers at Keio University, the University of Tokyo (IMSUT), Jichi Medical School, Kyoto University, the Research Institute for Tuberculosis, the Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research, Kyushu University, the International Medical Center of Japan, Nagoya University, Saga Medical School, and Kanazawa University.




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